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Feb. 15th, 2008


THERE WILL BE AN ALL-DAY PRACTICE ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16. Your presence is required. No ifs, no buts, no absences, no excuses.

And for everyone who whinges to me about the date, I'll add an extra half hour. So don't.

Leanne's Christmas presents

OOC: These will arrive tomorrow (Boxing Day). With the exception of Kenneth and Jack, everybody will receive gifts Leanne made herself. The card is identical for everybody, save for some personalized doodles she added inside.

The card:

Merry Christmas, darling/my darlings!

I hope the holidays will bring you lots of joy (and cooler presents than this one!).

Hugs and kisses,

For Katie.Collapse )

For Angelina.Collapse )

For Demelza.Collapse )

For Melinda.Collapse )

For Fred and George.Collapse )

For Alicia.Collapse )

For Rolf.Collapse )

For Lucy and Cecy.Collapse )

For Jack.Collapse )

For Verity.Collapse )

For Kenneth.Collapse )
I've come up with an effective antidote to the chocolates. Those of you who need a dose of it, visit the Slytherin table during breakfast, or alternatively, I'll be in the Potions lab between four and seven in the afternoon.

Supply is limited, so if you're staying over here for the hols and don't need it right away, don't be an inconsiderate prat and snatch up. Rather, let someone who needs it before they can go home get some first. If I run out this evening, I can make more, and it will be ready by tomorrow morning at eight.

Those of you like Stebbins who are indisposed and cannot come in person to retrieve the antidote can send along a friend or housemate as long as that individual lets me know how many people he or she is fetching for.

-S. Montague

Private Owl to Solan Montague


You've no doubt noticed that some of our classmates are not their normal selves. I've asked around and I've reason to suspect it was the chocolates that were passed about before breakfast. While it will likely Likely? Please let it be a definite wear off eventually, that's obviously a problem with around two out of every ten students being Muggleborn and having to head home in less than two days.

The teachers are in a meeting to decide what to do, but apparently Umbridge is slowing the works. She's sore because Harry Potter and the Weasley family somehow got permission to leave the school before she could stop them, so she's being a real cow over this. I think she gets some sort of sadistic enjoyment over it myself.

So I've decided to take matters into my own hands. Since I've been led to believe you are one of the best two Potions students in seventh year, could you try and come up with a solution? I believe it is a potion as Stephen Cornfoot ate them without a problem, and he has a freakish immunity to potions but not hexes.

- Fawcett


OOC: This list is duplicated and circulated at will on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Monique is borrowed from Thalia by myself and Pansy is brilliantly brought to life by Becca.

In which we find ourselves very afraid for WarringtonCollapse )

Thank You Notes

OOC: These were hand delivered (with the exception of the one owled to Emmeline Vance,) to avoid customs. Verity wouldn't want her lovely gifts taken away or anything!!! If one of your characters got her a gift and it wasn't mentioned in the log or you haven't told me (or I forgot like a moron,) tell me!!! She doesn't want to forget to thank anyone!!! ... and, yes, she gets the exclamation points from me!!!!!! :P


To Barney DunstanCollapse )


To Cecy MontgomeryCollapse )


To Lucy MontgomeryCollapse )


To Jack SloperCollapse )


To Katie BellCollapse )


To Demelza RobinsCollapse )


To Fred and George WeasleyCollapse )


To Solan MontagueCollapse )


To Adrian PuceyCollapse )


To Ella PuceyCollapse )


To Roger DaviesCollapse )


To Jelena DornyCollapse )


To Serenity FawcettCollapse )


To Marietta EdgecombeCollapse )


To Terry Boot, Michael Corner and Stephen CornfootCollapse )


To Emmeline VanceCollapse )