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Well, on the positive side, it was good to have an impartial means of deciding the prefect patrols, as at least I will be spared Howlers for those. On the negative side - Stebbins? STEBBINS!? WHY THE BLAZING HELL STEBBINS!? And on a Friday night too! Fucking Rowena on a broomstick, I don't want to even contemplate the mileage he'll get out of THAT...

I am responsible for your tutoring appointments. I am not responsible for the prefect patrols you can thank Flitwick and his boot, which I wish I'd shoved up his - for that. Bear this in mind when addressing your thank you notes, or Howlers.


Years 1 - 4 Years 5 - 7
Ancient Runes Anthony Goldstein Jelena Dorny
Arithmancy Laura Jane Appleby S. M. Fawcett
Astronomy Padma Patil Susannah Caligo
Care of Magical Creatures Sarah Kim Keeley O'Shaughnessy
Charms Jelena Dorny Roger Davies
Defence Against the Dark Arts Ben Botha, Sarah Kim Roger Davies, Susannah Caligo
Divination Cassius Warrington Cassius Warrington
Herbology Alicia Spinnet Nicholas Stebbins
History of Magic Hermione Granger, Peter Kim S. M. Fawcett, Adrian Pucey
Muggle Studies Ernie Macmillan Nicholas Stebbins
Potions Ben Botha, Peter Kim Alicia Spinnet
Tranfiguration Keeley O'Shaughnessy Adrian Pucey


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4:00 - 5: 15 pm Ancient Runes Divination/Arithmancy Charms Herbology Defense Against the Dark Arts
5:15 - 6: 30 pm Potions Herbology History of Magic Astronomy Potions
7:15 - 8:30 pm Care of Magical Creatures History of Magic Defense Against the Dark Arts Divination/Arithmancy Tranfiguration

Prefect Patrols

Monday Tuesday Wednesay Thursday Friday
4:00 - 6: 00 pm Alicia and Adrian Roger and Draco Peter and Hermione Keeley and Anthony Susannah and Hannah
6:00 - 8: 00 pm Ben and Hermione Keeley and Anthony Fawcett and Stebbins Ben and Hermione Cassius and Ron
8:00 - 10: 00 pm Cassius and Ron Susannah and Hannah Alicia and Adrian Roger and Draco Fawcett and Stebbins

Everyone else is doing duty on the weekend, with details of your schedule to be announced. Next term we will swap partners, hopefully in order to suffer the same amount each. And if there are any timetable clashes that have been overlooked, do contact me. There are a few, but only where alternatives are possible. I myself will be leaving the Wednesday History of Magic session early to spend an evening in heaven - not patrol. There are however other prefects to cover me. If the same is not possible for yourself in the event of a clash, then let me know.

And popular subjects - or unpopular subjects, as they tend to be the ones people struggle with - have more tutors allocated. If you've noticed this "error," let me inform you now that there isn't one. So nnnnehhh Granger...

The tutoring schedule will start next Monday, and patrols will commence tomorrow.


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Sep. 5th, 2007 05:07 am (UTC)
Weasley? I get stuck with Weasley?!? It's a high price for tampering with the boot to get Fawcett and Stebbins together for patrolling.

That boot is stupid.
Sep. 6th, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)
I think I've learned my lesson from trying to be impartial. Next time I'll just dictate patrol partners according to the amusement factor. Amusing for me, but not necessarily other people, that is.
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