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Dear Fred and George,
I hope you two have been enjoying your holiday. I couldn't seem to locate you at the end of term to give you good-bye hugs and the like. I hope everything is alright. I'm enclosing some chocolates with the owl as a Christmas gift. It's not much, I know, but it's the best I can do at the moment because I had my spending money taken away and I'm not skilled at handicrafts like Leanne.
Why did I lose my spending money, you ask? Well, it's a story you two ought to appreciate. I tried to charm my Aunt Emma's tea kettle to sing a Christmas carol or two. But something went wrong, I'm not sure what exactly, and the whole thing blew up. Literally. Little pieces of tea kettle all over the kitchen. Oops. Aunt Emma gave me enough spending money to buy her a new kettle (and I had enough hidden away to buy a few chocolates.) I think she may let me out of the house to do something tonight for New Years Eve though. What have you boys got planned?
I miss you both and hope you're well. I really am concerned about you disappearing like that. Please write back and tell me what is going on in your exciting lives of mischief and mayhem.


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Jan. 9th, 2008 12:13 pm (UTC)
Return Owl to Veritilicious
Sorry about that. Our Dad was rushed into hospital. He's fine now. Dumbledore and McGonagall managed to smuggle us out without Umbridge interfering so we could be with our family. That's why it was so sudden and we didn't say goodbye or anything. Anyway, everything is fine now except they're still not telling us anything about what he was doing when he was attacked, so as far as we know it could be a recurring danger.

Christmas was alright. Good to hear you've been keeping up the mischief and mayhem yourself. Exploding kettles? If you work out what went wrong, let me know, it sounds like quite a powerful little spell.

I think I'll be staying in for New Years with the family. Based on family size, blood-traitor rating and anti-You-Know-Who activity, I think it quite likely we will not all make it through alive. I only hope they take Auntie Muriel or someone and not Ginny.

See you back at school. Look after yourself.
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