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Pool Party Invites

((OOC: This passed along by the terrible two and various cronies of theirs. And Jack should be on the invite, but I am too lazy to redo it ;p))

The inviteCollapse )

Private to Fawcett

Oh Head Girl, thou paragon most SERENE,
This here may surprise, and is, sadly, late
A present for thee, a churl I have been
With it my apologies, please don't hate!

The unforeseen consequences that came
Of the gingery git's unworthy scheme
A night's unrest for thee, a sodding shame
On my part unmeant, but nonetheless mean

So sweets for the sweet, and all of that jazz
Not really so brutish am I to miss
That ingratitude is a lack of class
Not to mention, thy mood appears amiss

My reputation hopefully restored?
(And pissing off Stebbins? Count me onboard!)

(A package is left outside the Head Girl's room.
Inside is: A Dozen Long-Stemmed Roses + extra
Enclosed within an envelope on parchment is the aforementioned sonnet. Written by the ever fantastic Thalia.)

Prefect Minutes

I believe I have found my calling in life.

To PrefectsCollapse )
Well, on the positive side, it was good to have an impartial means of deciding the prefect patrols, as at least I will be spared Howlers for those. On the negative side - Stebbins? STEBBINS!? WHY THE BLAZING HELL STEBBINS!? And on a Friday night too! Fucking Rowena on a broomstick, I don't want to even contemplate the mileage he'll get out of THAT...

I am responsible for your tutoring appointments. I am not responsible for the prefect patrols you can thank Flitwick and his boot, which I wish I'd shoved up his - for that. Bear this in mind when addressing your thank you notes, or Howlers.

Tutoring Appointments and Subject TimetableCollapse )

Prefect PatrolsCollapse )

Everyone else is doing duty on the weekend, with details of your schedule to be announced. Next term we will swap partners, hopefully in order to suffer the same amount each. And if there are any timetable clashes that have been overlooked, do contact me. There are a few, but only where alternatives are possible. I myself will be leaving the Wednesday History of Magic session early to spend an evening in heaven - not patrol. There are however other prefects to cover me. If the same is not possible for yourself in the event of a clash, then let me know.

And popular subjects - or unpopular subjects, as they tend to be the ones people struggle with - have more tutors allocated. If you've noticed this "error," let me inform you now that there isn't one. So nnnnehhh Granger...

The tutoring schedule will start next Monday, and patrols will commence tomorrow.

Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Tryouts

[Posted to Hufflepuff Common Room Bulletin Board]

Come on, mate, you can do this. For those of you who don't know, I've been appointed Quidditch Captain for this year. I don't really like the idea of stepping into Cedric's shoes, but somebody's got to do it. So, amongst other things, it's up to me to organise and post about tryouts.

Tryouts will be on Saturday between 11.30 and 1.30. Please don't be early or late, as Ravenclaw have tryouts before us, and Gryffindor have booked the pitch for the afternoon. We don't want to be annoying the other teams so early in the year. Bring your own broom if you have one, and wear anything you feel comfortable in.

Obviously, after the tragic loss of our much beloved Captain and Seeker, Cedric Diggory, we need a new seeker. We're also short of one chaser, and a few reserves. If you're really good in the reserves tryout you might be able to bump off one of the existing team members, but we won't specifically be trying for the other positions. Particularly for the position of chaser, I'll be looking for evidence of teamwork as much as individual skill. Remember, Quidditch is a big commitment, so if you're going to be struggling with a heavy workload or are highly involved in another club, you should think carefully before trying out.

Ta. See you Saturday.
Barney Dunstan
That wasn't so har- Ok it was.

Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Tryouts

[Posted on the bulletin board in the Ravenclaw Common Room]

The Ravenclaw Quidditch Team is currently looking to fill several positions on the House Team, both regular and reserves. If interested, in second year or above, and able to spare about five hours a week in the evenings and weekends to attend practices, please come to the Quidditch pitch in casual robes and whatever Quidditch equipment you may possess at nine o'clock in the morning on SATURDAY the 8th. There. That should ensure that the partying types who are wont to show up late and hung-over to practices are discouraged from trying out. Which would save me and the rest of the team a great deal of grief. If you make it onto the team after tryouts, please let me know of your schedule so that I can book the pitch accordingly and try to accomodate everyone. Thankfully, I can safely say that organising IS something I can do without much effort, so hopefully this won't be too hard.

Any questions should be directed to Madam Hooch or myself. Thank you.

-Roger Davies

Slytherin Quidditch Team Tryouts

[Posted in the Slytherin Common Room]

So as to not interfere with the other teams' bookings of pitch time...

Those who are interested in making attempts to join the Quidditch team for Slytherin can come to the pitch on THURSDAY, the 6th of September, between five and seven in the evening.

Note: The starting team is mostly formed already, so you'll have your work cut out for you if you want me to kick someone off and put you on in his stead. That being said, I am looking for a reserve team and don't consider myself unfair or particularly open to bribery, so don't come in with an ingratiating grin and a sackful of galleons.

Don't be late and bring your own equipment unless you want to make do on the school's rather dodgy broom collection.

-S. Montague, Captain

Prefect Tutoring and Duty Roster

Attention all prefects (and Head Boy):


I thought I would take advantage of these things to do some housekeeping. As those of you who are returning to this post know, part of our responsibilities include tutoring, and patrolling the corridors in the evening. This is as usual this year, and I would like volunteers for each subject. Note that the term "volunteers" is a misnomer. You are required to tutor - but you can choose which subjects you assist others in.


  • You cannot tutor students of your own level. That is, if you are a fifth year, you may not tutor other OWL students yes, that means you, Granger, if you do indeed possess one of these contraptions and can read this. I don't care how smart you think you are.

  • You cannot tutor more than two different classes. However, do put down more than two - in fact, any subject you feel competent enough in to instruct. We may have some overlap, and for that I'll have to break a few hearts.

  • You cannot volunteer for less than two subjects. You must nominate two, minimum though I don't know what the hell I'm going to do with you, Weasley, and your obvious lack of academic smarts. Oh well. Whatever I sign you up for, Madam Granger will no doubt do all your work for you, so all's well that ends well, I suppose.

  • I am willing to nominate people for History of Magic. So you better be very, very nice to me for the remainder of this week. No snark, Warrington, and no flirting with oth- comments about broomsticks up my arse, Stebbins.

  • Yes, JD, you can tutor if you're a NEWT student and not a prefect - if you get a referral from your house head.

Not everyone will be required to tutor. Depending on how the numbers fall, I'm going to start with seventh years and work my way down.

Alias, 'oh goodness, does the woman ever shut up?'Collapse )